Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Harvard fall festival was great for us as most of you know so we are very happy with that being said i would like to also congratulate all the other teams who received calls.Ique was reserve grand champion and Lakeside Smokers was third i also have to say they(Chris Hart and Mike Boisvert) are among the nicest and most complimentary people NEBS has.Thanks again to Bill,Al and Shaune from Smokin Hoggz and Jim,Moe,Dj and Anthony from Devine Swine for there constant ribbing and making the events fun and also being there when we forget stuff which seems to happen no matter how much planning we do.Now from what I've read its almost time to start planning for the Jack or the royal or both which take lots of planning.If any of the teams have any advice on what i need to plan for please email me and let me know or who have competed and what should I expect.

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