Monday, April 18, 2011


What a weekend ,downpours ,damaging winds ,cold raw temperatures but in the end it was great.We ended up with 11th in chicken,10th in ribs,1st in pork,4 th in brisket and RGC for the contest.Thanks to steve and scott of meat at slims for making this event a great despite the fact of the challenges for those 2 days .Also a huge congrats to all the teams competiting this past weekend it was a challenge for us all.Thank-you Bill from Smokin Hoggz for the use of your warm trailer and sloppy Joes and congrats on your 3 top ten finishes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Well its just a week away until the first bbq comp of this year.We are looking foward to it all though i forgot how much stuff we need to get done before this contest!It should be fun there is a bunch of stuff to do there including a wood cookery college in which they asked Alan and myself to do a demo.Unfortunely Alan can not do it because of work obligations so it leaves me solo (as I told alan there is always sick time).hope to see everyone there!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


With lots of classes being taught and lots of teams taking them and the Internet we think this season is going to be TOUGH! Lexington is 1st for a lot of teams (thanks to Steve and Scott for hosting it) we think this field will be really hard to beat.It's only 24 teams which makes it even more competitive .But like any contest it should be lots of fun getting to see all the teams again to kick off the year . We are also working on a new logo hopefully to be finished by then .Next in our sites after Lexington is Merrimack which is one of our favorite contests .Good luck to all see you in April!

Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 COMPS

Well it's been a while since i posted last so here is an update.this will be an aggressive year for Alan and myself for competitions.As you know we are both chefs and getting weekends off is pretty hard for us to do.With that being said we are competing in 6-7 contests this year we are starting out with the Lexington BBQ battle,rock-n-ribfest in Merrimack , western Maine BBQ in fryburg, mainly grilling and chilling in Eliot,Harvard fall festival in Harvard and the American royal in Kansas ..........and of course hopefully the jack.We also picked up another sponser SPITJACK.COM !!Alan and I met Bruce last year in harvard we talked about sponsership and he decided to sponser so we would like to welcome him aboard . Also we would like to metion our friends at Smokin Hoggz have gotten a new family member to there team in the way of a Backwoods Fatboy so congrats guys.Now its time to start practicing April will be here before you know it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Congrats to Quau for their GC and BBQ GURU for RCG!Also a big congrats to All the NEBS teams what a great showing for New england.Especially IQue,Lakeside Smokers,ISS!!! nic3e going.I thought watching it streaming live was a good idea except NOW i really hope we make the draw.

Friday, September 24, 2010


With our win in Harvard it secures our spot for the American Royal next year and gives us a 50/50 shot of competing in the Jack Daniels Invitational ,2011,also.That being said and from what i have read there is a lot of planning involved.I'm trying to figure out whether to rent a mobile home up here or down there also what to do in the area of both places Rod gray of pellet Envy had a post about competitng for the first time but i would love to find out more.If any one has any suggestions of where to look online or email me it would be much appreciated.
Needless to say we are excited even though it is 1 year away.Alan and myself are also glad that we were able to accomplish our goals this year which was to win a GC for grilling and bbq.What a perfect end to the email( )(charlie)
Our friend Bill from Smokin Hoggz is going to compete in North Carolina this november so all our best to him .
Good luck also to our friends from ISS!!,Lakeside smokers,Ique and feeding friendz all competing in "the Jack"this year ....make New England proud again!
Also I have had a few people ask me what box number we were for peoples choice....i wish i could remember we had so many numbers with all the peoples choice plus grilling and bbq all being different numbers i wish i had kept track i will next year for sure.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Harvard fall festival was great for us as most of you know so we are very happy with that being said i would like to also congratulate all the other teams who received calls.Ique was reserve grand champion and Lakeside Smokers was third i also have to say they(Chris Hart and Mike Boisvert) are among the nicest and most complimentary people NEBS has.Thanks again to Bill,Al and Shaune from Smokin Hoggz and Jim,Moe,Dj and Anthony from Devine Swine for there constant ribbing and making the events fun and also being there when we forget stuff which seems to happen no matter how much planning we do.Now from what I've read its almost time to start planning for the Jack or the royal or both which take lots of planning.If any of the teams have any advice on what i need to plan for please email me and let me know or who have competed and what should I expect.