Monday, August 16, 2010


Maine was really good for us we took 3rd in blueberry dessert ,3rd in pork and a 7th overall out of a field of some REALLY good teams.Again it was our chicken that sank us but we will have it all revamped for Harvard.Not only did we have perfect weather but the Raitt farm secured for us lobster really cheap so almost every team had a steamed lobster.This is becoming on of our favorite events it keeps getting better each year.As always it was great to see all the teams we haven't seen in a while and some of the teams we got to meet.Congrats to ISS!!!for there auto into THE JACK which also turns Lakeside smokers into an auto also so congrats to Mike &Kris also.Next up Harvard which hopefully gets us into the jack for next year we'll see.

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