Thursday, December 10, 2009


It seems to me that the bbq culture is one unto itself as this is more of a declaration of how i see this culture.First off Alan and myself are really newcomers to this sport competing 3 years ,the 1st year 1 event ,the 2nd year becoming certified judges and judging, 3rd year 3 events and next year 5 and hopefully 7.In that time we have made a couple of good friends namely Bill and his team from SMOKIN HOGGZ (by the way if you don't know Bill he would literaly give you the shirt off his back) and even though we are all competing against one another every one i met would do the same to any other team.It seemed most evident this past week as Mike from I SMELL SMOKE passed away .On my facebook page,Steve farrins and Charlie Pini pages there was alot of support from the bbq community as a whole.From all over the country from people who did not know Mike ,including myself other than to say hi, to show there respect and support
to someone who shared the same passion for bbq as they feel themselves.Also it was evident again when the show pitmasters on tlc started it went through the community almost as fast with blogs,facebook pages and websites dedicated to all things bbq.I find myself lucky to to have met and the people I have and will meet in the future who share the same love of bbq as Alan and myself.

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