Monday, August 31, 2009


Well next week Alan got free tickets to the patriots game so we are heading down for a tailgate party and hopefully the pats winning(which is going to be tough for Alan because it is against Buffalo his home team).Also a few of you know that on our way home from Maine the tie down on the trailer came off and crushed the top of the backwoods.But all is well Mike from backwoods sent up a new top I'm going to reinforce it with some angle iron and make that cover unbreakable...also as a side note becareful of the tops as I took mine off it was covered in rust mike said it was because it is so humid in LA that the insulation absorbs water and has you cook steam rises and settled on the top and rusted .So with the new cover BWS took the liberty and painted the inside so unless you have a backwoods built like Brendan's (Transformer bbq) ,which is all diamond plate and probably the coolest looking smoker , then you should take off the cover and repaint it.

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