Monday, April 18, 2011


What a weekend ,downpours ,damaging winds ,cold raw temperatures but in the end it was great.We ended up with 11th in chicken,10th in ribs,1st in pork,4 th in brisket and RGC for the contest.Thanks to steve and scott of meat at slims for making this event a great despite the fact of the challenges for those 2 days .Also a huge congrats to all the teams competiting this past weekend it was a challenge for us all.Thank-you Bill from Smokin Hoggz for the use of your warm trailer and sloppy Joes and congrats on your 3 top ten finishes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Well its just a week away until the first bbq comp of this year.We are looking foward to it all though i forgot how much stuff we need to get done before this contest!It should be fun there is a bunch of stuff to do there including a wood cookery college in which they asked Alan and myself to do a demo.Unfortunely Alan can not do it because of work obligations so it leaves me solo (as I told alan there is always sick time).hope to see everyone there!